Helping the Youth with Sports

Goal keeper in action. (Youth game in Germany)...

Goal keeper in action. (Youth game in Germany). Fran├žais : Un jeune gardien de but en action en Allemagne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Austin Lapierre is a father, retired football coach and a man keenly involved in helping the youth. He argues that coaches and teachers are similar in many ways, the only difference being that teachers hold their classes inside and coaches outside. That being said, Lapierre also strongly believes in instilling discipline in children at a young age, not by forcefully assuming parental authority, but by first respecting children for who they are and then instilling a sense of self-worth that will make discipline second nature to them.

Many times, parents get it wrong and tend to prefer the aggressive route that invariably prompts feelings of resentment and rebellion, especially among teenagers. It often looks as though they are constantly waiting for an opportunity to disagree with their parent in order to assert their individuality and express their inner conflicts. According to him, it is at this point that a parent needs to step back, let them cool down and then try a different approach; one that will make the child comfortable enough to open up.

It is pointless to try to draw points and assert authority when both parties are upset and tempers are flying. Quite a number of very sharp and talented players end up making the wrong choices in life because they feel that their parent was not connecting with them, or they feel they were not listened to; so they end up wasting time doing all the wrong things and eventually they lose their dreams. Miscommunication is very common in homes among parents and teenagers, but it usually does not take much to repair a shaky relationship between a parent and a child because often, children only need to feel that they and their opinion matter.

It is with a similar mindset that Austin Lapierre approaches his players. Although retired, he still works as a regular consultant for many sports teams and occasionally finds himself being consulted for matters other than football, or games like FIFA 15. A coach and a teacher have a lot in common; they both try to teach the student or the player something worthwhile; a worthy ideal or topic subject that transcends the sport and cuts across the web of life with the use of a FIFA 15 Coin Generator. The only challenge is communicating the message effectively and trying to instill values that will guide the learner when they come at the crossroads of the test; all the while using gentleness and being a friend to the young person.

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