Classic Gifts To Give Your Guy This Christmas

1964 Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake (3,995 cc...

1964 Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake (3,995 cc inline six) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So you were a bad girl last Christmas, and hence, for the 2016 season, it’s time to make it up to your boyfriend. It’s all about the details. The kind of gifts he’s likely to cherish are those that look like you spent a lot of time, effort, and thinking this time around. A prepaid MasterCard or a gift card would be a big, no-no.

That is what you would give to a co-worker as a last-minute thing; admittedly, it is useful and it gives the individual the freedom to buy whatever he or she fancies, but certainly not for your beau.

Humidors would be a nice touch. They’re classic. Not the life-size humidors, those room-size boxes used by specialty smoke shops to keep the merchandise at just the right humidity. Rather, pick the miniature version that your boyfriend could use to store his priced puffs.

There are many different kinds of humidors, but by far, the best type is the wooden, cedar version, unless in your opinion he’s likely to settle for glass. How they work is they keep the smokes in perfect condition, which can say a lot about your attention to detail. Those humidors can work out if your boyfriend is a little bit older, the cowboy type or simply loves cigars.

Forget about designer socks or underwear, enough of those already. So here are other gift ideas to make him feel great this Christmas instead of neglected. The belles at, have some cool Britannia ideas.

Like how about an Aston Martin DB5 replica. If he’s not a huge Bond fan but a geek instead, pre-ordering the Inbetweeners DVD would be an excellent concept, according to Team Britannia. If he happens to be the classy type, go retro with the Paco Rabanne gift set. Of course, it could be a Givenchy if you honestly believe that he would prefer that.

For a game console fanatic, the Assassin’s Creed game would be nice, although the game might take away some time from your togetherness, unless of course, you play it, too. You can purchase the game from and they have lots of game offers too (Amazon gift cards are great option as well!). To be honest, not all of the 20 Briton recommendations are great, so we’ve only picked those that we think are exemplary.

Truly, Mixtape playing cards are a stroke of genius. They’re perfect for road trips in case you have made some plans this Christmas. Here’s another excellent idea: emergency bow tie. He won’t get over that. Even if he gets a little reluctant to wear it, it’s still a way cute idea.

Going British is cool this season because Bond is back. Another reason is your sweetheart must have enjoyed watching the Summer Olympics, especially the coverage of the U.S. Swimming team. Therefore, a touch of royalty will be a nice way to cap the year. This shows that you remember how engrossed he was with watching all the games, he almost forgot about you.

Whether you picked one of the humidors, or a gift with a touch of London, it shows that your personal touch has arrived. It’s the best way to patch up last year’s nonchalance. Lest you think of taking all the credit for these wonderful ideas, don’t forget, it’s all about him. Here’s hoping he has taken the same attitude towards you.

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